Goat fencing 3 ways

Goat Fencing 3 ways


We added two goats to our farm, Jessica Albaaaaah, a mini Nubian, and Buck Norris (riding shotgun), a Nigerian dwarf. It was time to separate the bucks and does to prevent any accidents happening around here. This fence needed to be secure for baby goats.

Woven Wire

My husband did all the planning and the work. It turned out awesome. (Thanks Hubby!) He made a square pen, using 10 inch cedar post and H braces wire with support post, woven wire with T post supporting in between. He used a gas auger to dig the wood post holes and was able to complete this in a weekend. We choose a 2×4 woven wire that is at TSC to keep our babies in and keep them from getting any heads caught in the fence.  We are planning to pasture in a large acre lot for our animals next summer and we will choose general field fence due to only putting our larger goats in the pasture. This is just one of the many options you have for goat fencing. I liked this one because of the ease and being able to complete in one weekend.

Hog and Goat Panels

We also have a movable fence we use now we made of hog panels. We just zip tie them together and put them in pasture where they can graze. They are happy, happy goats. We built a house for them in this that is pulled by a tractor so we can rotate the pasture and save on feed cost in the summer. This again is for larger goats. You could make this more permanent option as well. They sell goat panels that are a smaller openings  but are more expensive, It’s important to think about what you will use your fence for before you put in the work to build it.

Electric Fencing

Another option is an electric mesh fencing. They sell solar control panels too so this could also be a portable/movable option, but from what I have read you still have to train your goats to stay away from it. This is something I do not have experience with but wanted to list it as an option. My goats, so far, have not tried to get out of our fence. They are still young. I’m sure might have some tricks up their sleeves in the future, but thus far the other 2 options have treated me good.

Good Luck and if you have any questions about goat fencing or goats drop me a message. I’d love to hear from you.


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