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Hello and Welcome. I’m Sarah. I love my family, God, cooking, photography, the farm, and decorating our home. In this blog, I hope to provide you some inspiration doing the things I love to do.



My husband and I have been married for 3 years. We have 2 girls, Savannah, who is 4, and Tinley who is 18 months. They keep us busy and on our toes. Anytime something comes up, I am one of those moms who researches everything. (Thank you Baby Center, and Parents.com; you’re always there for me.) We love them, and still think they are adorable even after they projectile vomit on us. It’s a memory we will laugh about for many years to come. Well, after the fact anyways



We have a small hobby farm with chickens, ducks, pigs and goats. We have talked about getting goats a couple of years. This Spring, we finally did it. My husband and I tend to driven by deadlines, the night we brought our 3 month old goats home, they were running in and out of our hog panels as we were tieing them together.  Luckily, we found some chicken wire and tied it to the fence. We  purchased one buck, Chocolate Thunder, a Nigerian Dwarf and one doe, Lamb Lamb, a mini Nubian.



Join us in our new endeavor of goat farming, it should get interesting. If you ever go look at baby goats and don’t bring one home, hats off to you my friend, they are adorable. We will soon have more if I have any say in it, I would like a donkey, some bunnies, basically anything cute and fluffy that doesn’t poop a lot. Our farm is growing, and we really raising our kids around it. I think it important to let our kids get dirty playing outside all day like I did.



I love cooking from scratch, and eating seasonally. My husband loves to hunt and fish as well, so we get a variety of meats stocked up in our freezer. In Michigan, we camp every summer. We enjoy cooking on the fire, and we have some pretty great menus that the kiddos love.



We live in my husbands family homestead. I love love love rustic farmhouse decor. We have a sliding barn door on our main bathroom that we repurposed from one of the barns that was falling down outside. My husband took it apart and used a planner to clean it up put it back together in the same fashion, it turned out beautiful!  Total cost $80 for the hardware to hang it. You can find sliding hardware here



I bought a dslr camera before I had Savannah, my oldest, and enjoyed taking landscape pictures with it. Now, I basically just take pictures of my children. I have taken a couple of classes to learn how to use my camera better.



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Most importantly, thank you for stopping by and reading my rambling. Stop back again. Unfortunately for my husband, I always love new projects. He usually gets involved with the many ideas I come up with.

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